How to: Use Airgeddon to hack Wi-Fi

How to: Use Airgeddon to hack Wi-Fi

Airgeddon automates using different tools, so it is not necessary for you type commands. Airgeddon usage does not require deep understanding Wi-Fi protocols or performed attacks. Therefore, absolute beginners are able to hack (audit) wireless networks.

For this guide i used RT3572 with a 6db antenna.

Almost all airgeddon requirements (dependencies) are already present in Kali Linux. Therefore we have to install only airgeddon itself. To clone it from GitHub execute the command:

# git clone
# cd /airgeddon
# bash

Airgeddon install

Select the correct (wireless) interface, named wlan0: 

airgeddon selecting interface

Now select the second option from menu - Put interface in monitor mode:

airgeddon monitor mode

We can now start to crack our WiFi network.

airgeddon main menu

You can now either attack a WEP or a WPA WiFi using different method. You just have to follow instructions and voila!